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Hi there! This is Borui from China. I just graduated from Bocconi CEMS MiM, and this is my website. It’s my first year research assistant in EM Lyon Quant Research Centre to prepare my doctoral thesis at the University of Lyon, focusing on decarbonisation and sustainable finance. I’m also a pro-circular guy part-timely working as research assistant for Bocconi Green Centre.

很高兴你点开了我的主页,我是泊睿,目前在EM Lyon Quant研究中心做研究助理并且准备我的博士论文,研究方向是碳减排以及可持续金融。同时,我也是Bocconi Green Centre的研究助理,关注循环经济相关议题。

Causality, is about the degree of effort required to steer the outcome towards desired value, rather than the effort difference you see between two distinct results


Myself 😉